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Hand Bender HB XS Mini


The Hand Bender HB XS Mini is the small brother of the Handbieger HB XS.
Both Benders have the same set up. For starters you can acquire a basic set and buy different add on sets.
The available ...

The main feature of this bender is in the bending of wire and thin materials.
We put a lot of effort in solving the problem with the realization of
a length stop??. This is useable for almost all bends.

An angle stop is also optionally available and can be adjusted very easy with help of a screw with fine thread.

Bender capacity:

16mm round iron from steel

40 x 8 flat iron standing steel

20 x 8 laid

The bending capacity are highly dependent on the force of the operator at the hand bender. The bending capacity can thus vary greatly both upwards as well as downwards.

Configuration note configuration note:

The Hand Bender HB XS Mini is the basic version of the bender with a hand lever, and a center 20 mm. Optional we recommend the length stop and the angle stop.

You can attach the hand bender HB XS Mini on a 16 mm welding table.

Our tip! Do not forget the bending center 30 mm if you want to use the spacer rings.

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