4-pc 6" Circlip Pliers, 15.4x6.9x2in (FIXMAN FX-F1.BT28)

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4-pc 6" Circlip Pliers


In a practical holder

Ergonomic grip

Content: 390x175x50mm (1/3 drawer): 15.4x6.9x2in

For straight-edged inner retaining rings,

For 45 ° inner retaining rings

For straight-edged outer safety rings,

For 45 ° external locking rings

Technical parameter:
Item No.: FX-F1.BT28
Pliers: Line, 45 °, external-internal
Sizes: 6" (160mm)
Shipping volume: 15.7x7.1x2.4 in
Weight: 2.2 lbs

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