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Mandrel bending machine... FOr tight bending ...
When bending with a mandrel the tube is pushed over the mandrel into the bending machine and clamped between bending tool and clip. The bending head rotates over  the bending axis and bends the tube in the bending tool. The thrust bearing, support the tube during the bending operation. With the mandrel ...
bending process you can achieve the smallest bending radii with the best quality bow. Mandrel bending machines can - depending on the material - bend radii from 1.5 x pipe outer diameter specific. The thinner the tube and the smaller the bending radius, as complexer are the bending tools. For the bending operation different mandrels can be used. We supply mandrel bending machines from semi-automatic machines with bending capacity from 28 mm up to fully automatic mandrel benders with a capacity of up to 355 mm pipe diameter.
Standard equipment of the mandrel bending machine series S-03
• Modern electronic drive
• PLC control
• Electronic length and rotation measurement
• Manually stop system
• Hydraulic tube voltage
• Adjustable clamping pressure
• Four-jaw chuck
• Control panel
Onboard software
As the first manufacturer we offer the following innovative solution. We have developed a solution that allows you to perform with the standard control panel, a plurality of bending programs. Without external program with a laptop or PC must, our system determines the following parameters:
• extended length of the tube
• Feed
• Bending angle

Mandrel Bender S-03 50


Drive power bending axis (kW) 2,2
Bending wave speed (upm) 4,76
Max. Bending radius Rm (mm) 150
Min. Bendinmg radius Standard wave (mm) 40
Diameter flexible shaft (mm) 50
smalles bending wave (mm) 12
Bending direction left
Hydraulic drive power (kW) 3
Max. Bending performance yield strength max N/mm2 54 x 3
Max. Bending capacity VA 1.4301 54 x 2
4kt St Tube 30 x 30 x 3
smalles Tube diameter (mm) 6
Feed 3 m 3,8 x 0,9 x 1,4 / 900
Feed 4,5 m 5,3 x 0,9 x 1,4 / 1050
Feed 6 m 6,8 x 0,9 x 1,4 / 1200

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