Air Hydraulic Foot Pump with Hose and Coupler 10.000psi - 42.1in3 (B-70AQ)



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Air Hydraulic Foot Pump 

Air Powered Hydraulic Pumps are used where air is the preferred energy source or where electricity is not available. Ideal for use in petrochemical, mines or other inflammable or explosive environments.
Output oil pressure:700bar / 10.000psi
Required to operate on 8 bar(120 psi) shop air

●Rugged construction – built for long life and easy service.
●Controls the input air and valve by foot pedal, easier to operate than a hand pump.
●Operates in all positions for increased versatility in use.
●Ideal for powering single-acting cylinders and portable hydraulic tools.

Technical parameters:
Model: B-70AQ


foot pedal control

Air pressure (Bar/Psi): 8/120
Max. pressure (psi): 10 000
Oil capacity (in3): 42,1 
Weight (lbs):

19 (Light Weight Alu Tank)

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