Air Hydraulic Gear Puller (5Tons / Ø2-8in) (L-5Q)



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Air Hydraulic Gear Puller, (5Tons / Ø2-8in)

Air Hydraulic Pullers are used where air compressor is the preferred source of power, featuring time- and labour-saving operation, and increased productivity.

  • Use with 2 or 3 jaws.
  • High quality,forged steel jaws and crosshead provide superior reliability and service.
  • Air hydraulic control allows fast,efficient and safe pulling.
  • High force hydraulic system for effortless pulling of large components.
  • More efficent pulling,as one man can do the job where manual pullers ofter require two operators.
  • Spring loaded live centering cone.
Technical parameters:
Model: L-5Q
Rated output: 5 T
Max. stroke: 2"
Spread interval: Ø2-8"
Weight: 18 lbs


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