Single Acting Cylinder (200Tons - 6") (YG-200150)

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Single Acting Cylinder


Working pressure: 700bar / 10.000psi

●Designed for use in all positions.
●High strength alloy steel for durability.
●Chrome plated piston resists wear and corrosion.
●Dust wiper on piston rod reduces contamination.
●Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance.
●All cylinders are proof tested to 125% of capacity before leaving our factory.
●10-100 ton cylinder bores are roller burnished to harden the surface and make it smoother.
●10-200 ton cylinder models are spring return, 250-1000 ton cylinder models are load return.
●Each cylinder has an HH-II R2 3/8 half coupler and dust cap.
●Each cylinder has a flat grooved saddle.
●Tilt saddle is available on request.

Technical parameters:
Model: YG-200150
Tonnage (tons): 200
Stroke (in): 5.90
Oil capacity (in3): 268.87
A (in): 8.97
B (in): 5.31
C (in): 11.89
Recommended pump: B-630C
Weight (lbs): 183
Shipping volume: 11x15x11 in

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