Double Acting Hydraulic Pump, Pressure Gauge (10.000psi - 183in³) (B-700S)

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Manual hydraulic pump (10 000 psi - 183 in³)

Features introduction:

  • Maximum working pressure: 700bar / 10.000 psi
  • Two-stage hydraulic design
  • Steel structure
  • Large fuel tank for a wide range of applications


  • Steel structure, sturdy and durable.
  • Two-stage hydraulic design for increased productivity.
  • Built-in safety valve for overload protection.
  • Convenient fuel filler design.
  • HYDRAFORE B-700S with manual four-way control valve, dual circuit design, configuration pressure gauge;
  • The square fuel tank has a large capacity and a wide range of applications.

Technical Parameters:
Model: B-700S
Function: Double acting, 2 Speed
Oil output per cycle at low pressure: 0.8 in3/cycle
Oil output per cycle at high pressure: 0.14 in3/cycle
Maximum pressure: 10000 PSI
Oil capacity: 183 in3
Weight: 42.0 lbs
Shipping volume: 29x10x11 in


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