Electric Driven Hydraulic Pump (Double acting 1.5kW/110V/35L) 2135.83in3 (B-630B-II-110-2HP-35L)



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Electric Driven Hydraulic Pump


Working pressure: 700bar / 10.000psi
Large 35 liters oil revervior
B-630B-II for double-acting appliations

  • Two-speed operation reduces cycle time for improved productivity.
  • All valves are 3 position for Advance-Hold-Retract.
  • All the pumps are equipped with pressure gauge, which minimizes the risk of overloading and ensure long, dependable service.
  • Manual valve and motor control.
  • Internal pressure relief valve prevents overloading.
  • Long, trouble free life in the most demanding work environments.
  • The pumps have a very large 35 liters oil reservior, which means adequate capacity for multi-cylinder applications.
  • Each pump comes with 1.5 meter hose
Technical parameters:
Model: B-630B-II-110-2HP-35L
Function: Double-acting
Oil output at low pressure: 610.23 in3/min
Oil output at high pressure: 183.07 in3/min
Max. pressure: 10000 psi / 700bar
Oil capacity: 2135.83 in3
Motor: 1.5 kW, 110V
Weight: 120.0 lbs
Shipping volume: 20x15x30 in


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