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The C·B·S - Compact Bender Stick is a small battery operating hydraulic press. With a weight of
under 22 lbs. this universal tool can be used as well in the workshop as on the building site. The
main task of the C·B·S with its 8 tons power and its stroke of 3.5", is to adjust pieces, to position,
straighten or adapt frames or handrails, bend pipes, edge flat material or round bar.
The capabilities of this small tool are multifarious and will constantly be enhanced.
With only one charge the C·B·S is capable to do 150 strokes. Due to its two handle bars and its
two buttons it can be used vertically and horizontally.
C·B·S with straightening–bending-facility
The universal small bender C·B·S can over this be equipped
with a straightening-bending-facility. The remodelling to pipeand
profile- handling can easily be done within seconds and
without any tool.
Compact Bender Stick
C.B.S Bending - Press
incl. Powerappliance und Powercordadapter
8 Tons of pressure,can be used verticaly or horizontaly.
Voltage: 14,8 V
Pressure: 6000 psi
Stroke: 3.5"
Batery capacity: ca.150 stroke
Weight 22 lbs
Battery use
Configuration note:
The Basic configuration, consists of: 
Waterproof case; C.B.S Compact Bending Stick; Charger. The case has two sections, the upper is for the CBS with charger, in the bottom you can place the extensions Screw and the clamping bolt adapter.
Our tipp:
When used on the site you think of the insertion or extensions Screw. 
If you want to connect the CBS with a welding table, use the clamp bolt adapter. (16 or 28mm systems).

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