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Danger to assembly personnel must be avoided

Every user knows the problems and dangerous situations that can arise when counter-holding while a bolted connection is being tightened. The wrench used for counter-holding can often rotate with unpredictable torques, block or jump off. Once the bolting operation is complete, it often needs to be levered off or even knocked off.
The danger of injury for the assembly personnel is very high here and the risk of damaging neighbouring components or the tools is also significant. The results can be irritation, time loss and assembly downtimes.

The solution: The GEDORE Counter Wrench

Equipped with the appropriate insert, the device utilises a thrust bearing and absorbs the driving torque with the integrated mechanics. Following completion of the bolting operation, a simple press of the lever and the counter-wrench can be rapidly and easily released.

Frequently copied, but never matched

The patented mechanism of the GEDORE counter wrench is unique. Only the precise interplay of the individual components ensures correct and problem-free function. Cheaper copies can bend or stick under large loads. The ring inserts are made of forged chrome-vanadium steel as of size 70.



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