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Electric Driven Pump for Hydraulic Torque Wrenches


  • LÖSO­MAT hy­draulic power units pro­vide the hy­draulic wrenches with power for any tight­en­ing sit­u­a­tion.
  • Fast pumps with 2- and 3-stage tech­nol­ogy pro­duce up to 800 bar. The lat­est un­der-oil drive mo­tors en­sure a high pump out­put at max­i­mum pres­sure.
  • They in­clude a new cool­ing air sup­ply (patent pend­ing) for op­ti­mum cool­ing of the power unit even un­der ex­treme loads.
  • The power units are avail­able with three dif­fer­ent con­trols: man­ual con­trol (LHU-M), au­to­matic con­trol (LHU-A) and mod­u­lar con­trol so­lu­tion (LHU-S)
  • Hy­draulic power units in the LHU-S se­ries can be com­bined as mod­ules. De­pend­ing on your re­quire­ments, you can choose be­tween doc­u­men­ta­tion and torque an­gle.




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