Gedore Pliers set 3 pcs (Gedore S 8393) (3102859)

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GEDORE S 8393 

Pliers Set, 3 pieces


Practical selection for a variety of uses

Consisting of power side cutter, power combination pliers, water pump pliers

GEDORE 8314-180 JC Power side cutter

▶ Convex handle shape for a high build-up of force

▶ Slim head - ideal for confined spaces

▶ Induction-hardened precision blades, hardness 63 - 65 HRC

▶ Steel-grey with blue-dipped anti-slip handles


GEDORE 142 10 TL Universal pliers

 Fine adjustment with push-button

 15 settings

 Slim pliers head for hard-to-access areas

 Offset gripping faces for self-gripping of nuts and pipes

 Induction-hardened teeth

 Steel-grey with blue-dipped anti-slip handles


GEDORE 8250-200 JC Power combination pliers

▶ For heavy continuous use

▶ Good lever action for easy cutting

▶ For flat and round material

▶ For all wires including piano wire to max. ø 2.0 mm

10" Universal pliers no. GEDORE 142 10 TL
Power combination pliers no. GEDORE 8250-200 JC, 200 mm 2C handle
Power side cutter no. GEDORE 8314-180 JC, 180 mm 2C handle
Technical parameter:
Item No.: GEDORE S 8393
Pliers: Combi-, Side cutter, Univerzal
Material: Chrome-Vanadium
Code-No.: 3102859
Shipping volume: 11.8x8.7x1.6 in
Weight: 2,5 lbs


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