Railway Torque Wrench - Cordless - GEDORE (LDB)



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Flexible use is the feature of a universal talent

The LDB-10 can be used for tightening and loosening horizontal bolts for insulated rail joints, fishplate joints, check rail bolts, track switch bolts etc. In comparison to the impact wrench, each bolt is opened.


It can be held perfectly balanced in the hand of the operator thanks to the ergonomic, height-adjustable handle. Two handles that can be mounted at variable heights allows the operator to adapt the device depending on the type of work.


The universal railway torque wrench weighs under 20 kg, a fraction of conventional machines and can easily be operated and moved by one operator. Alongside bolting, the LDB-10 can also be used to drill sleepers using a suitable drilling adapter.


Environmentally-friendly battery operation ensures zero-emission working. Advantage: Can be used in tunnels. This tool can be operated during the night as its noise levels are considerably lower than with other drives.


The torque no longer has to be set on the LDB-10. The operator simply has to select the type of rail system from a pre-configured menu. The corresponding torques and bolting speeds have been pre-entered at the factory. The correct setting can be made quickly. And above all: Damages on the sleepers and bolts can be easily avoided.


The LDB-10 can also be equipped with a universal impact socket. With this, both clip bolts (hexagon 39 mm) and sleeper bolts (square 21/28) and even fishplate bolts (hexagon 41 mm) can be torqued. W-, KS-, K-rail and track switches can be torqued without having to change tools.


The quality of each single bolt connection must be verified in line with increasing demands on safety and quality. The LDB-10 has been designed with this in mind and stores the type of rail track system, the time of bolting, the torque and the correct tightening.


The memory saves up to 50,000 bolting operations and can be conveniently read out on the PC (documentation optional).



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