Horizontal Bender 5" - GELBER BIEGER (MOBI-BIEGER_130)



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GELBER-BIEGER in Losheim developed a hydraulic horizontal bending press with only 180 pounds of weight, which will replace the angle bender. The "Mobi-bender" is easy to transport on the worksites because it is only 48" long and 10" wide and high. 
Despite its handy dimensions, the horizontal press suppresses ten tons. This corresponds to a bending capacity of 5" x 5/8" for mild steel. An easily adjustable stop allows bending accuracy in the 0.1 mm range. The hydraulic device is always mounted separately and connected with two quick release buckles with the press. 
What makes the "Mobi-bender" so special  is that it pushes with the punch into the die. This is not the rule on small machines. In order to bend a closed part, the MOBI-bender has ability to replace the punch with the die. 
If necessary mandrel can be angled. So a rectangle of 2" leg length can be bent.

Dimensions (inches)                             48" x 10" x 11"

Weight(lbs)                                           180

Motor Power (kW)                                1,5

Bending force (t)                                   10

Tool height (inches)                               5"

Bending capacity (inches) flat iron:       5" x 5/8" ( with V125)

round materials with turntable (mm)     5/8"

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