H.V.L.P. AIR GRAVITY SPRAY GUN, 100ml (6.1in3); 0,8mm (H-2000G)

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H.V.L.P. Air Gravity Spray Gun, (6.1in3)


  • Die cast aluminum body in ergonomic design.
  • High volume low pressure design in high transfer efficiency to save time and paint up to 25%, reducing overshot and spray mist to protect environment.
  • Precise air cap set. Stainless steel nozzle and needle to allow use aqueous based paint for long service life.
  • Colors available: polished original metal color, powder coating in any colors, chrome-plated, nickel-plated, different anodized colors.


Technical parameters:
Model: H-2000G
Nozzle size: Ø 0,0315 in
Tank size: 100ml (6.1in3)
Fluid water delivery: 80-100 ml/min
Working pressure: 3-3,5 Bar (51 PSI)
Shipping volume: 14.2x8.3x5.5 inch
Weight: 0.88 lb

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