Hydraulic Busbar Hole Puncher, (3/8-3/4") 31 Tons (M-60)



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Hydraulic Busbar Hole Puncher (31 tons)

  • High-strength alloy steel C-type working head, durable.
  • Single-acting design, high strength spring reset.
  • The punching die adopts high carbon tungsten alloy steel, which is suitable for punching metals such as low carbon steel, iron soft board, copper row, aluminum row and so on.
  • The punching position is accurate, and the material is free of burrs.
  • Portable handle, easy to carry.
  • The flat bottom design of the base is stable and not easy to fall.
  • Can be connected to various 700bar / 10000 PSI pressure hydraulic pumps.
  • The products and mold accessories are placed in a wooden box.


Technical parameters:
Model: M-60
Max pressure: 31 T
Throat: 3"
Max. thickness (steel): 1/4"
Max. thickness (copper): 3/8"
Punch dies (inch): Ø 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"
Weight: 45 lbs


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