PVC pipe welding tool (Dn63-Dn200; 2.3kW/110V) (LHA160-2M)

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PVC pipe welding 2.3kW /110V



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Technical Parameters:
Modell: LHA160-2M
Welding size:

Dn63, Dn75, Dn90, Dn110,
Dn125, Dn140, Dn160(Dn200)

Sealing Deviation: ≤ 0.3 mm
Temperature Control Range: 0~280 °C
Temperature error: ±3 °C
Power: 2.3/110 (2.6/110) kW/Volt
Heating power: 1.5/110 (1.8/110) kW/Volt
Power of the milling cutter: 0.8/110 kW/Volt

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