Single Acting Aluminum Cylinder (50 Tons - 6") (YG-50150L)



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Single-acting Aluminum Cylinder (50 Tons - 6")


Working pressure: 700bar / 10.000psi

Half the weight of steel cylinders of comparable capacity
Aluminum body resists sparking in explostive environment.
Hard-coated aluminum piston rod and cylinder bore resist wear and corrosion.

●Lightweight for maxium portability.
●Hard-coat finish on all surfaces resists damage and extends cylinder lift.
●Single acting, spring return.
●Each cylinder has a flat grooved saddle. Tilt saddle is available on request.

Technical parameters:
Modell: YG-50150L
Tonnage (tons): 50
Stroke (in): 5.91
Oil capacity (in3): 70.1
Recommended pump: B-700A
Weight (lbs): 28


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