WIMMER Farm Jack 60" High Off Road Ratcheting Truck Lift Bumper 3Ton Tractor SUV (FJ60)



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WIMMER Garage Tools FJ60

Farm Jack, OFF-Road Lift


  • Max. Height: 60" / 152cm
  • Min. Height: 6" / 15,5cm


  • Max. Load capacity: 6600lbs/3000kg (3T)
  • Maximum Pull Load: 5000lbs/2250kg (2,2T)
  • Max. Winching capacity: 4400lbs/2000kg (2T)


Maximum Jacking Load:

  • 5500lbs/2500kg; 0-12in/0-300mm
  • 4400lbs/2000kg; 12-20in/300-500mm
  • 3300lbs/1500kg; 20in-/500mm


  • Maximum Clamp Load: 750lbs/340kg
  • Minimum Lowering Load: 110lbs/50kg


Technical Parameters:
Model: FJ60
Rated Load: 6600 Lbs (3T)
Min Height:  6"
Raised Max Heigth: 60"
Weight: 33 lbs
Shipping volume: 60x10x5.5 in



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